smart lazyness

I am lazy. I admit it. I wouldn’t know how to cope with the information overload otherwise. You know what: Actually being lazy keeps me quite busy. You need to be lazy and apply it in a smart way.

Being lazy is not about doing nothing. It is about not remembering, because things are obvious. It tries to work on the “don’t make me think” paradigm. Whenever you have a choice, you stop and have to make a decision. This takes time and effort. We need to remove the little, interfering choices.

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Dear Project Leader

an open letter to all (IT) project leaders

Doing a project is a multidisciplinary job. It is a serious game with a lot of stakeholders and due to the fact that both you an I are quite expensive, let alone all the facilities we are using, a lot is at stake. It is our job to make it worthwhile.

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If it ain’t broken, it’s no fun

One of the reasons I like computers, is because there is so much failure. I enforce some analog superiority over the digital failure to fix it. I like computers because I am capable of fixing them. Fixing problems is very satisfying.

Being a specialist usually means that you are a good problem solver. I have had my share of problems over the years and have developed a methodology to solve problems. My methodology looks extremely simple on the surface. This makes it easy to remember and explain. It does not make it easy to solve a problem, because a good share of domain knowledge is still involved. Yet I am sure that if you follow these steps and are smart enough, you can solve almost any problem.

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The Golden Triangle of Happiness

Happiness at work is simple. At least for knowledge workers like me. There are three parameters which need to be in order: Mind, Money and Development.

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Target reached, goal missed…

It is not a secret that I am not too fond of targets. I think they harm flexibility and hence service.

Targets are fun if you reach them: most of the time they are rewarded as a financial bonus. But if you really need to push trying to reach certain targets, they are counterproductive.

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