unstash in Java

It has been ten years ago – 1999 – since the (in)famous unstash-script came out. It was a cryptic PERL script, which could read IBM’s stash files and deliver you the ‘encrypted’ password.

I was in need of the script, as I lost a password from a cryptocraphic key database and got stuck as I had no PERL installed. So I decided to create a Java-version of this script, because Java is always available when you are installing most IBM products. You may use it to your liking.

For an explanation how it works and a link to download the jar-file, please read on!

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Guerilla SOA

Talking freely about SOA has always been a bit embarrassing. I live in The Netherlands and the acronym SOA stands for “Sexual Transmitted Disease” in Dutch. STD translates into SOA. So when I talk about SOA, I immediately know if I am talking to a techie or not. Despite all the buzz talk, SOA has not yet been as viral as expected. SOA has been around for quite some time – some even call it yet another reinvention of an old concept – but it seems very hard to get it implemented. This is mostly because we are taught not to fix something that isn’t broken and the truth is that most point-to-point connections just work. So there is no obvious need to start using a SOA.

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