A secure blanket

You shouldn’t trust the Internet. It is dangerous and because most people do not fully comprehend the technology and inner workings, it is hard to understand how and when you are in danger. And yet, as we become more and more reliant on Internet, we clearly need to use it. The Internet was invented by people with large ideological ideas which completely trusted each other. Yet it was conceived to withstand a nuclear bomb and keep on functioning. It appears that the threats we encounter are quite different though. As you are using Internet banking and started to buy stuff on-line, it seems ‘they’ are out there to steal your money or, worse, your identity.
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Guerilla SOA

Talking freely about SOA has always been a bit embarrassing. I live in The Netherlands and the acronym SOA stands for “Sexual Transmitted Disease” in Dutch. STD translates into SOA. So when I talk about SOA, I immediately know if I am talking to a techie or not. Despite all the buzz talk, SOA has not yet been as viral as expected. SOA has been around for quite some time – some even call it yet another reinvention of an old concept – but it seems very hard to get it implemented. This is mostly because we are taught not to fix something that isn’t broken and the truth is that most point-to-point connections just work. So there is no obvious need to start using a SOA.

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