Fixed Conexant Driver Audio Problem

My Lenovo Laptop T500 had no problems until this week. Somehow the audio driver got replaced by a Conexant HD Audio Driver. After the reboot I noticed that the internal speakers stopped working and only gave a little crackling sound.

As it worked minutes before I was quite sure it was the driver. I removed it, updated it, played with it, but it would not recover. And Lenovo insisted on reinstalling the latest version.

A lot of people said it was hardware related or a loose wire or so. I just did not believe this. Then I found some people who had been playing with the ‘Night Switch’ which seem to fix it for them. Unfortunately not for me.

I noticed, however, that I could not select the speaker output in the crazy setup screen from Conexant. It was just headphones and SP/DIF.

Then I noticed something else: on the Audio Director page I could choose between Classic and Multi-stream. And voila, the blue testbutton played audio through the speakers, the red played through the jack and headphones.

So Multistream it is.

Now I could choose speakers as well on the homescreen (Volume Mixer). It seems this did the trick.

The setup is wrong, the problem rediculous but I hope it helps someone else to solve this, until a fix is presented. It is still buggy, does not detect a headset is plugged in anymore, but at least I can choose to have speakers again with a work around.


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Scripting for OSX: repeating job

I collect little quotes and funny thoughts and have them randomly shown below my mail, one at a time. Over the years I have done this in a number of ways, but never found a really practical solution other than running a dedicated program, when I was on Windows. I was never able to find a proper solution for OSX.

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Unstash in Python

I once wrote a Java version of the infamous unstash script, written in Perl.

As I am picking up Python (so refreshing, so little clutter) I thought it would be nice as a little practice to rewrite it in Python as well. And it is really compact.

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A method for storing private keys offline

One of the issues with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has always been a way to safely store and backup the private keys. Most of the time this is done by using a keydatabase for storing the keys or even an HSM in larger organizations. And the only backup solution I encountered so far was burning the key to a CD-R or storing it on an USB stick and putting them in a (physical) vault, controlled by the Security Office.

I have a smarter idea for offline backups!

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Crash Recovery of an OSX Lion FileVault2 disk

My Apple iMac started to behave weird, with some Kernel Panics, grey screens and general crashes. While I was going through this I was pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt me as I had a TimeMachine for continuous backups. How wrong could I be!

After my Mac really crashed and my TimeMachine proved to be rubbish, I still managed to open the encrypted harddisk and made some backups by hand. I consider this quite a neat trick, so let me explain and perhaps save your day as well.

(updated with extra info)

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