Charging the future

The brilliant Douglas Adams (R.I.P) wrote (if I am right in 1998) a funny, true story about ‘dongly things‘.

I have always wondered why 90% of all equipment, with or without batteries, don’t work on 240v as it comes to my home. I have so many adapters in my home, that going on holiday almost forces me to carry another case.

But when I travel by car, all items can work easily from the cigarette lighter. My current car has three of those and doesn’t have an ash-tray… I always charge my phone by a cigarette-to-USB converter in my car.

When I am on the move with my laptop, it gets even better. I can use my USB slots to charge everything. I still have a few special cables (iPod), but it is much lighter than any power-adaptor. I have bought a small USB-powered switch, my phone, Bluetooth headset and my USB-hub to power them all. I only need one power adapter to charge my laptop.

So there is a solution. We need USB outlets and it seems cheap and easy to build them yourself.

We probably just need to start building USB 3 outlets and have one, efficient electric transformer to power them all…

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